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Monday, August 26, 2013

America: Corrupting the earth, Killing the saints

Has America fulfilled Revelation's prophecies?

"He has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries.  He has avenged on her the blood of his servants" - Revelation 19:2

"Americans must know that they have at times unwittingly assisted the Russians in imposing upon us a regime of murder and terror"

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand writes in his book Tortured for Christ: “Men are responsible before God not only for their personal sins, but also for their national sins.  The tragedy of all the captive nations is a responsibility on the hearts of American and British Christians.  Americans must know that they have at times unwittingly assisted the Russians in imposing upon us a regime of murder and terror.  As a part of the Body of Christ, Americans must atone for this by helping the captive peoples come to the light of Christ.”
Bashar Al-Assad has recently pointed out that the Al Qaeda terrorist organization is really a “global terrorist networks “initially created in the early 80s by the United States and the West, with Saudi funding, to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.””
Dr. Peter Hammond is an African missionary who is has spent his life observing America’s foreign policy and it’s disastrous consequences for Christian freedom fighters.  The following remarks were made by Dr. Hammond during a Trunews interview with Rick Wiles.  Listen to full interview here

"One of the first acts of president George Bush senior, when he was elected president, was to defund Planned Parenthood’s abortions overseas.  So actually, millions of babies were spared, because in 2001, George Bush defunded the hundreds of millions of dollars that had been pouring in to the killing of babies under Clinton.

"Hundreds of thousands of black babies have been killed in Africa through abortion with U.S. taxpayers’ money during the last four years."

Well, one of Barack Obama’s very first acts as president was to re-fund Planned Parenthood’s actions in Africa.  Because of Barack Obama’s policies, hundreds of thousands of black babies have been killed in Africa through abortion with U.S. taxpayers’ money during the last four years.  The Scripture that comes to mind is, “Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord?  Because of this, the wrath of the Lord is on you.”
 – 2nd Chronicles 19:2
The fact is - that the U.S. state department has betrayed whole countries into the hands of communists and Muslim dictators.  And my own home country, Rhodesia, is today communist Zimbabwe.  Now; many people may have forgotten about Jimmy Carter, but can’t because – you may have gotten rid of Jimmy Carter years ago but we are still stuck with his legacy here in Africa.  He made, as one of his top foreign policy goals, to overthrow Rhodesia, which was a pro-Western Christian country that had been that an ally that had fought along-side America during the first and second World War[s]; and in the Malian and Korean conflict.
Rhodesia had a sterling record of always voting alongside America and the U.N.  So when Rhodesia was attacked by terrorists, it was sanctioned by America.  And the U.S. government betrayed Rhodesia – horribly so. It started under Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.  But Jimmy Carter finally betrayed us in the most hideous way.  Thirty-three years later we are still suffering in Zimbabwe under the legacy of Jimmy Carter.  And more than half of the population of Zimbabwe has fled this communist hell-hole - where the people are starving to death.  And where all the farms – because they were controlled by white farmers were looted, pillaged – and the killing fields of Zimbabwe are hideous – and the people are starving.  Leaving hundreds of thousands of tons of food that had to be shipped into them every year by tax money.  To a county that used to export food!

"Today there are millions and millions of people dead and oppressed because of Jimmy Carter’s foreign policies"

It wasn’t just Rhodesia.  Under Jimmy Carter – just four years in office – there were thirteen   Now you know about Nicaragua.  You know about Rhodesia.  But there were another eleven countries betrayed into the hands of communism.  I’d say that today there are millions and millions of people dead and oppressed because of Jimmy Carter’s foreign policies. 
countries that were betrayed into the hands of communism.

"Countries started to be free from communism"

In eight years of Ronald Reagan no countries fell to communism.  And countries started to be free from communism.  And I can say that there are millions of people alive today because of the foreign policy actions of Ronald Reagan.  Who put freedom on the offensive and supported the freedom fighters in communist countries like Angola and Mozambique.  I was there.  I was in the bush with the UNITA - there doing chaplaincy work and evangelism; and in communist Angola smuggling Bibles.  When we were being bombed and rocketed by the Marxists.  There was the Cuban Air Force and the Soviet MiG’s bombing us, and we were getting pounded into the ground.  We were shell-shocked.

This one night I remember listening on short-wave radio – to BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation World Service).  That was our one link to the outside world – by short-wave radio.  And on the radio, who should come on but Ronald Reagan?  He was giving a speech; and I’ll never forget the words.  Ronald Reagan said, “We are going to send sting missiles to the UNITA Freedom Fighters in Angola.”  Now; there I was, sitting Angola in a UNITA base with the UNITA Freedom Fighters after we’d been bombed by the Cuban Air force that day.  And the American president was speaking about our part of the world about our most perceived need, which was air protection from these aerial attacks.

There was a long silence.  And after a very long moment somebody said, “Oh, that would be nice. But are they going to do it?”  Well, in fact the sting missiles did come.  And I wrote an article, which is on our website, with pictures of downed Soviet MiG’s and saying that Ronald Reagan saved lives in Angola – because he did.  And I can say that there are millions of people alive today because of the foreign policies of Ronald Reagan.  He was anti-communist - and for real freedom.  But there are millions dead today because of Jimmy Carter’s policies.

"Tens of thousands of people being killed now"

And I’m sorry to say also, in the Middle East right now where we’re working with Christians in Muslim areas we can say that there are tens of thousands of people being killed now because of Barack Obama’s State Department’s foreign policies in fomenting and fueling and aggravating the Arab Spring; which is nothing but rampant anti-Christian, anti-American, anti-Western revolution, and which Christians are the worst victims.  And I can give all kinds of horrible stories about what’s going on in Egypt and Nigeria and Sudan now as a direct result of U.S. foreign policy.  Christians are the victims because of your tax dollars going to radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood.

There is no way that America could accidentally always be supporting its enemies and betraying its allies.  I heard it said by none other than the leader than the leader of the UNITA Freedom Fighters of Angola – and he’s a friend of America, he loves America’s system he praises America’s founding fathers – he really was a friend of America’s but he said, “It is better to be America’s enemy than to be America’s friend.  If you are America’s enemy you may be bought, but if you’re America’s friend you will certainly be sold.”  And then he made a joke, he said, “Why hasn’t there been a revolution in America for over two hundred years?”  I said, “Why?”  He said, “There’s no American Embassy in America.”

"U.S. State Department is so obviously on the side of the Marxists and Muslim Revolutionaries"

Well that may not sound very funny to you but the fact is that the U.S. government and the U.S. State Department is so obviously on the side of the Marxists and Muslim Revolutionaries, and the terrorists – and you look at what’s been going on right now in the Middle East.  And by the way, I speak as someone who has spent most of my Christian life as missionary (for over thirty years) specializing in reaching Muslims for Christ, working in Muslim areas, and serving the persecuted churches. -- The U.S. government and NATO conspired against Christian Serbians (Orthodox Christians in Serbia) to bring a radical Muslim state into Europe, which is what Bosnia and Kosovo are.  And they are Al Qaeda related radical revolutionary terrorist Muslims of the worst order – Jihadists is the best term for them.  All this was done ostensibly, we are told, so that both countries could keep their sordid scandals off the front page and organize a bombing war somewhere else in order to distract.  Well, that hasn’t just happened there.  You’ve got to go back and see how the U.S. government has, from Woodrow Wilson through F.D.R., supported and bankrolled and enabled the soviet Union to come about – has worked continually against freedom in the world. 

My friends in Eastern Europe told me things that chased me back to the history book to see if they were right.  But the fact is, the United States saved the Soviet Union in the Second World War.  And the U.S. pumped multiplied trillions of dollars of aid and weapons into the Soviet Union – Free!  -- To Joseph Stalin, to prop up the worst dictator on the planet during the Second World War.  F.D.R. helped the Soviet Union, not only survive Operation Barbarossa (that was steamrolling them down), but enabled them to so expand their territory as to put the whole of Central and Eastern Europe under the control of communism for forty-five years of hell and to take over China.

China was also a place where the U.S. Congress was telling the government to support the Nationalist Chinese of Chiang Kai-shec.  But on the ground, the American president was working through the CIA and others, to put all aid that was meant to go to Nationalists in China to Mao Tse-tung’s communists.  And if anyone doubts this there are books out there that document it available.  Allies betrayed China, allies betrayed Nicaragua; Wall Street bankrolling the Bolshevik Revolution.  There’s a lot of evidence.  I’ve put a whole series of PowerPoints on a slide show presentation on my website on how capitalists saved communism from collapse in the Second World War and empowered the New World Order that is high-jacking civilization - and resembling Babylon the Beast.  These are things we’ve go to deal with.

"There has been a pattern of the U.S. State Department betraying its allies"

I’ve been with friends in Eastern Europe who have suffered the most horrendous persecution at the hands of the communists.  And, to think that that wasn’t necessary.  That was the result of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s betraying the whole of Eastern Europe into the hands of the Soviet Union.
Your General George Patten was liberating Czechoslovakia.  His tanks were storming across there - into what today would be called Eastern Europe.  And Eisenhower said you’ve got to return; that’s for the Russians.   He [Patten] said, “I can get to Berlin; I can get to Warsaw before Zhukov and the Russians.”

And so Eisenhower turned off the taps – and, no more fuel; because American’s weren’t meant to get to Berlin or Warsaw   Those countries had already been agreed – by president Roosevelt - to be handed to the communists.  There’s a lot of facts here.  This is not something recent.  This isn’t something that just started with Barack Obama.  There has been a pattern of the U.S. State Department betraying its allies; and enabling and empowering and funding America’s enemies.

Of course I’ve spent most of my life fighting the communists, fighting the Russians even.  I’ve actually been face to face with Russians in my work.  Back in 1989 I was captured in Mozambique by Russian troops.  I was transported in a Russian Mi8 helicopter to the security prison in the capital of Mozambique.  I’ve been ‘up personal’ as a soldier and as a missionary as well.  So, you must know I’ve spent my entire life fighting communists – and specifically the Russians.  I find myself in a very strange position here; where I’m getting articles now from Russia, and my father-in-law has ministered in Russia and knows Russian Christians who have suffered and been tortured for their faith over the years.  So to me Russia’s always been the evil empire.  Which is what, of course, Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union, “the Evil Empire.”
So imagine my surprise when just over a week ago, I see this editorial from Pravda.  Those people who know Pravda in Russian means “Truth,” and Izvestia means “News”.   The only newspapers in the old Soviet Union were Pravda and Izvestia.  The local people’s joke was that “there’s nothing true in Pravda, and there’s nothing new in Izvestia.”    So you can see the humor of the people there.

But that was when Russia was communist and there was no freedom of print.  Well now the Pravda is an independent paper.  And they are very anti-communist.  And in fact the Pravda newspaper describes your present resident of the White House as Marxist and that he’s a communist of the Vladimir Lenin type.  And they used a very uncharitable terminology about him because they despise communism.  Well a recent editorial in the Pravda said that Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Union the evil empire.  And rightly so.  The Soviet people were held hostage by the communists.  However today, Russia is promoting Christianity while America is prosecuting Christianity.

"Russians warning Americans about the direction the government’s going"

“Here we’ve got Russians warning Americans about the direction the government’s going.  They said, “We have come out of the evil empire.  But now we see across the Atlantic America, which we always thought to be the bastion of freedom and a bastion of Christianity, that America has become the evil empire.”  Because America is now bullying governments in the third world and forcing them to legalize abortion and promote homosexuality, and sending generous aid to radical Muslims in the Middle Eastern governments who are severely persecuting the Christian Church.  At the same time that Russia is building churches – in fact, thousands of churches are being built around Russia even with tax support.  And with the Russian government is enthusiastically bringing the gospel back into the schools.  Of course we’re talking about the Russian Orthodox Church, and their very formal style.  But isn’t this bizarre?

And this came out at the same time that we have Obama visiting Africa on his most expensive presidential visit ever – a hundred million dollars spent in less than a week.  There were demonstrations against Obama all over Africa and I don’t think the American media told you.  If you go to our Christian Action website
Or the Christian Action facebook page

I’ve put a whole lot of pictures up there showing “NO-Bama.”  “No more drone wars,” “Stop Uncle Tom,” and “Stop World War III.”  “Obama – White House kitchen boy”.  “Obama Nation”.  Hostility to Obama in Africa was huge.  He’s been condemned by African presidents for giving privileges to perverts.  Homosexuals have the same rights in Africa as anywhere else.  They’ve got the same rights.

"In most of the world homosexuality is a crime"

You [Americans] ask for privileges for perverts – we will not do it!  We [Africa] are a Christian country.  The president of Kenya said, “We are a God-fearing country, Kenya is a Christian country; we will not do it!”  And, in fact, in most of the world, homosexuality is a crime.  America is one of only eleven countries in the world that seems to think that homosexuality’s a civil right.  Everywhere else in the world it’s a crime.  In the whole of Africa there’s only one country that has homosexuality decriminalized and that’s South Africa, under the bullying of America, because of being the New World order’s new guinea pig.

"People who have ruined there own countries should not presume to come here to lecture us on the way we should go.”

Do you know – I think the best thing said to Barack Obama while he was here was by a bishop from the Episcopal Church in Kenya.  He said, "People who have ruined there own countries should not presume to come here to lecture us on the way we should go.”  He was well supported and cheered.  The presidents of Senegal, Tanzania, and Kenya have come out publicly rebuking Obama saying, “Don’t come here to Africa to lecture us on your presumed morality.  Homosexuality is a crime.  Homosexuality is perversion.  You keep that in your own country.  Don’t you dare bring that over here.  We are a God-fearing country.  We are a Christian country.”  And so – these are the kind of responses – there was a lot of hostility to the U.S. president bullying.  He came here wagging his finger.  You’ve got to see the pictures – people can see him wagging his finger saying, “You’ve got to learn how to do the right thing.”  And, “You’ve got to learn to behave”.  And telling them how we’ve got to give privileges to perverts, and murder our babies.  He [Obama] thought the most important thing he could say to Africa on this visit was - abortion  - and privileges for perverts.  And I doubt that’s what the American people want their president representing in other countries.

In Africa homosexuality is a crime and it’s a disgrace – and it’s a shame.  And people are begoshed to think that, “Here is the most Christian country in the world; the country that produces most of the missionaries and sends out most of the Christian books in the world, and the Bibles – and that now their government is running around telling us we’ve got to kill our babies and we’ve got to allow perversion and call it a marriage?”  And so there’s a tremendous scandal.  And a lot of people would have liked to have been positive about the American president visiting here [Africa] but there’s this attitude that the U.S. state department is bullying us – and they are.”  -- Dr. Peter Hammond, Frontline Missionary to Africa

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