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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eastern Orthodox Church - Standard Bearers of the Last Days?

At least the Russian Leadership is supporting the Church

People are wondering if the nation that saw the persecution of the Christian Church at the beginning of the twentieth century ; and which now is highly populated by Muslims, will be able to return to the status of a "Christian Nation".

Russia certainly stands a better chance then the western nations, whose leaders are bent on destroying Christianity under the guise of "human rights" and "fairness." The western nations have lost control to special interest groups and United Nations' initiatives.  Even the Roman Pope has bowed his knee and forsaken righteousness by accepting homosexuality.

It looks like the whole Western Schism has run astray.  The abuse of authority by Rome and the rejection of authority by the Protestant kingdoms have both worked to destroy the basic concept of authority and tradition in the West.  The Eastern Orthodox Churches may be the only Church that makes it to the finish line - the Lord's return.

While the Catholics and the Protestants have been duking it out by war and theological differences, the Eastern Orthodox Churches has maintained their foundations.  We can only pray that God will give favor to those who bear the standard of Christ - as He did for Constantine at the Milvian Bridge.