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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Russia's Right to protect citizens from objectionable and offensive behavior

Would a Sin by any Other Name Smell as Bad?

President Obama once again promotes sexual perversion above a nation's right to enforce Biblical standards - protecting citizens from objectionable and offensive behavior.

Russia is being accused of "disrespect" toward sexual practices which are illegal in most of the world.
Isn't it America who is being disrespectful of Russia's "right" to ensure public decency to its citizens?  Don't the Russian people have a "right" to keep objectionable behavior from being flaunted in their own country?

Most normal people find homosexuality to be disgusting.  That is precisely why this abnormal behavior was illegal in America just 30 years ago.  It is actually disgusting that our president would stoop so low as to try to undermine morality in Africa - and now in Russia.

Laws come before rights.

It's all about the battle between law, and lawlessness.  Instead of Russia respecting the "rights" of sexual perverts, the U.S. should respect Russia's laws.

Governmental "authorities" that don't bow down to the immorality of the people have been brought down by the U.S. and the U.N. all over the world.  Russia will get no peace from America until they yield to the demands of the godless West.  Hopefully Russia will continue to stand for Biblical righteousness.
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