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Thursday, September 18, 2014

What is the Gift of Prophecy?

How does the Bible Exemplify Prophecy?

It is curious that Bible teachers who claim to “rightly divide the Word of God” continue to restrict the gift of prophecy to the one-liner of 1st Corinthians 14:3: “But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men.”  The fact is that over one fourth of the Bible concerns prophecy – more than 8,000 verses.  One to Eight Thousand (1:8000).  That ratio doesn’t seem like a very well divided perspective.  And the subject of the overwhelming majority of the Bible’s prophetic verses is not comfort.  Where are the writings of the peace and safety prophets like Hananiah? (Jeremiah 28)  Not a single one of the peace and safety prophets got their books into the Bible.
Old Testament prophecy and the New Testament Revelation are typified by warnings, judgments, and predictions of calamity; granted that they are sprinkled with occasional words of future hope and comfort.  Agabus is the only New Testament prophet who’s gifting is given in detail in the Book of Acts.  Agabus predicted two future events; Paul’s chains in Jerusalem, and a regional famine.  Neither of these messages are words of comfort.  And both of these prophecies predicted future events.  So using 1st Corinthians 14:3 as the standard for Biblical prophecy goes beyond wrongly dividing the Word of God.  This misrepresentation of the gift of prophecy has caused many to dismiss the pertinence of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.  Words that Split the Rocks strives to present the gift of prophecy from a Biblical standpoint, which will aid the reader in heeding “the words of the prophecies of this book” – Revelation 22:7.
Another addition to the Expanded Edition is a 2013 Foreword to the Fourth Edition of Come Out of HerMy People.  The new foreword covers some new conversations among leading authors who have written about the characters and events of Revelation.  The reestablishment of the Nation of Israel has had a dual affect on the Church.  Opinions are diverging concerning the timing of the rapture.  This is largely due to the increase of World News bearing resemblance to the Bible’s end-time prophecies.  A sense of imminence has drawn many to do more extensive research regarding Biblical prophecy.  Even those who place the rapture before the tribulation expect the tribulation to begin in the very near future.

America and Babylon

Since 2006 I have declared a message of warning to the United States.  That message was the subject of my previous book Come Out of Her My People.  Since that time other authors, preachers, and followers of end-times prophecy have continued to warn both Christians and Jews that America is about to be judged for her sins.  Despite the recent escalation of these warnings, the Church remains complacent.  At the same time, even the secular elite of the country have seen the writing on the wall and have begun to move their wealth to offshore havens.  It has long been observed that creatures, both wild and domestic, have become restless before the onset of a disaster.
The American Church, nevertheless, continues down the slippery slope toward  liberalism.  The Church can scarcely claim to still have the 'form of godliness'.  Even the shepherds of the flock are so addicted to entertainment that they would not consider unplugging their televisions.  Instead of seeking the Lord with all of their hearts, they clutter their thoughts with the latest video games and movies.   At the heart of this complacency is a notion that the normal, peaceful Christian experience will not be contaminated or intruded upon by the discomforts of the Tribulation.

C.W. Steinle

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