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Friday, October 24, 2014

Daily Reader Commentay

Daily Reader Commentary

While I am in between posts at a local church I have engaged in my longstanding desire to write commentaries on the books of the Bible.  Gwen and I have traveled extensively through the holy lands of Israel, Jordan, and Sinai; also making multiple tours of many sites of the Old and New Testament; including Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and Rome.  Having taught through the gospel of John many times, I have started with a commentary on John.
My goal is to add commentary regularly on weekdays.  Acts and Romans are next.

Official blog description.

Bible commentary by C.W. Steinle. The Bible quoted verse-by-verse and expounded to encourage the downcast, to edify the Body of Christ, and to bring the good news of the gospel to the uninformed. Weekday additions to this ongoing commentary will be posted as time and mortal limitations permit. Formatted for mobile viewing. Subscribe on right side-bar to receive weekday comentary by RSS or Email
I hope many will visit, subscribe, share, and comment as the Lord leads.
Blessings in Christ,