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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Expect 9/11 scale terrorist attack on Brussels

In September of 2012 I received a word from the Lord - simply "Brussels".  One word.  I had been praying for some time to know what would come next to kick off the cascade of events leading into the Great Tribulation.  Read my brief post from that date here:

Brussels Grand Place Square

Putin's Eurasia and NATO are on a collision coarse.

Russian defector Anatoliy Golitsyn documented in his Perestroika Deception that the underground Communist Party expected U.S. funding of NATO to fail by the year 2000.  The United States was expected to collapse from within through the indoctrination efforts of American Social-Marxists and their agents in high places of education and government.  The Communist plan called for the convergence of the two opposing political systems by socializing Europe and America, and by allowing a quasi-capitalism and independence into the former USSR.  Indeed, the merger of capitalism and communism is nearly complete.  But according to Golitsyn, NATO must be dismantled to clear the way for Russia's (Eurasia's) manifest destiny of one Eurasian government from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  Read PDF of the Perestroika Deception - (Book out of print; of course!)  I will go into great detail about Golitsyn's Perestroika Deception in a follow-up blog post.  NATO has never been developed into a serious military force, and appeared to the Communist planners to be on the brink of extinction.  But the time for NATO to rise to the occasion is here.  It's now - or never.

This brings us to the reason for a supposed terrorist attack on Belgium.

 NATO's solidarity and resolve to protect the European Union might be accomplished by using the same tactics that the U.S. and the Saudi's used to justify the "War against terrorism" in the Middle East.  The current rallies in the streets of Europe are evidence that the seeds of war have already being planted.

A 9/11 scale attack on Brussels (supposedly by ISIS) would be the perfect catalyst to bring the European Union into their first major war.  This war against the Islamic State would provide an excuse for NATO to practice their battle skills.  And Atlanticist-backed joint efforts would also bring the presence of American and United Nations forces to the Middle East, helping to intimidate the Russians by stationing weaponry within striking distance of the Baltics and the Ukraine.

Nothing can rescue a failing economy like a timely war.  With perhaps only months before the economic collapse of Greece and the beginnings of withdrawal from the EU by the Swiss, a hardy unified war effort might be the only solution to fire up the economy and encourage solidarity.  A war with ISIS might be the bail-out measure that could bring about a restructuring by necessity - a restructuring that would otherwise have to grind through the Old World political system.  People are always more willing to tolerate, and even promote, a central control during dangerous conflicts.  Whereas, even the appearance of centralized power is spurned in times of peace.
Obviously we should hope and pray that the world governments would not be so sinister as to use violence to accomplish their goals.  Considering, however, the success of the 9/11 War on Terrorism to control the Middle East, and to control the American people; we can only expect a repeat performance in Europe.
Brussels EU/NATO complex - The Next 'Ground Zero'?
The very best way to prevent the world's elite from carrying out these atrocities is to expose their plot before they have the time to execute their plans.  Please share this article freely, and quickly.