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Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Release - Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness

Dark Freedom - Now available in ebook and all e-reader formats

Dark Freedom

DARK FREEDOM answers the deepest questions of our day: How did the Judeo-Christian principles which have guided the western world for the last two millennia yield to an existential philosophy that mocks the God of the Bible, His laws, and His people?  How should the Church respond to the Liberalism and Individualism of the Enlightenment?  Are the principles of authority and submission antiquated and barbaric?  How does God's law operate in the age of grace?
As America drifts unwittingly into the murky waters of relativism, the Pilgrims' faith is in danger of shipwreck.  Christians are obsessed with identifying the Son of Perdition instead of recognizing the real and present danger - the spiritual forces of darkness that are already working against them to prepare the way for the Lawless One.

Christian philosopher C.W. Steinle pierces the darkness of western lawlessness with the brilliant light of Biblical truth.  Chapter by chapter the strongholds of ancient and modern Humanism crumble beneath the weight of honest evidence and sound logic.

Part I of this book explores what the Apostle Paul meant by calling lawlessness a mystery.  The second chapter introduces some of the devil’s most effective spiritual programs for undermining the Christian faith.  The third chapter exposes these strongholds of darkness with the light of the testimony of the living God.  Part I concludes with an introduction to the wisdom of man expressed by the Classical philosophers of Ancient Greece.

Part II looks into the Institutional Church and its failures, which were sufficient to open the door to honest criticism.  These chapters do not present a thorough history of the Church; but they do provide enough information for the reader to gain an understanding of the disasters that spawned the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment.

Each chapter of Part III increases the reader's insight producing stunning revelations - epiphanies the reader will never forget.  Who is the God of the Bible and what does His kingdom look like?  He is the God of law and order.  His government and His chain of authority on earth are modeled after the Godhead.  Part III concludes by addressing the current confusion regarding God's laws and His grace.  Do the Mosaic laws still apply?  If so, how can Christians know which ones to obey?

Part IV brings the knowledge gleaned from all the previous chapters to a laser-sharp focus.  This fourth section reveals the morbid destiny reached by metaphysics when it is  carried to its logical end.  Most readers will be also be surprised to learn of the demonic foundation of today's common law.  The Humanists are determined to implement their limited and issue-specific theories to create their own law and order - but they can never be perfected without enslaving mankind.
Part V entertains some of the more plausible conspiracy theories concerning the organizations which might be employed by Satan to prepare the way for the Lawless One.  Many Christians would hesitate to say that the end of the age is at hand.  But the sudden swell in lawlessness and Satan's aggressive campaign against the Church certainly support the suspicion that Satan knows that his time is short.  How much of the present attack against conservative Christians is directly from Satan, and how much is the work of sinister societies?

If you've ever wanted to know what went wrong with western culture and why morality has been cast to winds, this book is for you.  We will walk through the last three thousand years of Western World History, isolating the destabilizing errors of philosophy and religion which have slowly but surely led the world into darkness.  Each area of history and philosophy is developed so the reader can easily grasp their contribution to the overall progress of lawlessness.