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Saturday, May 30, 2015

C.W. Steinle 05/29/15 author interview on Trunews

New Release, DARK Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness, Kick-off radio interview.

Has the world entered the age of lawlessness as predicted in the Holy Bible?  C.W. Steinle returns to Trunews for power-packed one hour discussion with Rick about the rise of lawlessness in Western nations.

Trunews 5/29/15 program links:

Dark Freedom 05/29/15 kick-off Press Release body text below.  URL link to press release: Crazy state of world affairs linked to Ancient Astrology

Crazy state of world affairs linked to Ancient Astrology

Source: Memorial Crown Press

Dated: May 29, 2015

The author of Come Out of Her My People responds to tumultuous social issues in his latest narrative nonfiction book.

PHOENIX -- Dark Freedom: The Rise of Western Lawlessness exposes St. Paul's mystery of lawlessness and its impact on current affairs. Author C.W. Steinle confronts the provocative question, "Why have more people been killed in wars and civil unrest since the Age of Enlightenment than in all previous centuries combined?" Steinle's quest to uncover the reason for mankind's swift degeneration under the guise of progressivism led to his unexpected discovery of the spiritual forces evoked by the Classical Philosophers.The 284 page paperback contains compelling historical excerpts to engage readers in the search for the secelestial powers of wickedness that have led the world to the brink of WWIII.

The kick-off for Dark Freedom began Friday, May 29th, with a Trunews interview hosted by Rick Wiles, .During the interview Steinle explained why the same mystery of lawlessness working during the time of the Apostles is responsible for today's contempt for God's law and His people.The book's literary journalistic style creates an intriguing journey as the foundations are laid for the author's conclusions. Classical Greek philosophy and Western History are colorfully presented with eleven illustrations. Steinle's portrayal of lawlessness and its infiltration into western religion and politics is supported by more than 150 references. The bookstore quality paperback is available at Amazon and the ebook is available at most online booksellers. The paperback is expected on local bookstore shelves by mid-summer.

Quotation: ["For more than two decades disrespect for parents and disregard for authority have been ingrained into the minds of preschoolers through cartoons, television and video games. "Choices" and relativism are drummed into their core with the intent that, at some point early in life, they might have their own born-again experience - a confession of faith in a god of random possibilities, a god who never judges,a god who accepts all ideals and chooses all people, a god who is in all ways the antithesis of the God of the Bible."]

C.W. Steinle has served as an ordained minister delivering thousands of original Bible teachings and traveling extensively throughout the Holy Land. Author information is available at [release].

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