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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Israel & the Apocalypse, the focus of the 2017 Denver Prophecy Summit

1st Annual Denver Prophecy Summit

This is the 2017 prophecy conference you don't want to miss - Online or in person.

2017 Denver Prophecy Summit in 90 second video.

Hear cutting edge Bible prophecy discoveries as we build one another up in our most holy faith. Who is the Israel that will be saved? Should the church support the Nation of Israel? What comes next in the apocalypse of end times event? Babylon? NWO? War?

Sign up to get the answers you need and get up to 35% off for early registration.

Israel & The Apocalyspe - Round Table Discussion on the Awakening Report

Get to know some of the speakers and their dynamics in working together to present Bible prophecy in a setting of truth and love. Streamed live on May 2, 2017
Register here: Aug 4-6th is the Denver Prophecy Summit first annual conference in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This year's topic is: Israel and the Apocalypse: Speakers include:
Doug Krieger, John Haller, Chris Steinle, Doug Woodward, Chad Schafer, Doug Hamp, Norm Franz
and more...!

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