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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who is Israel in End Times Bible Prophecy? Attend or view the 2017 Denver Prophecy Summit

This is the real "safe zone" where end times views will be presented and discussed with joy and openness in order to build up the body of Christ as the Day approaches. Watch the full round-table discussion to get a feel for the encouraging tone and chemistry of the speakers. (link at the bottom of this post)
Aug 4-6th is the Denver Prophecy Summit first annual conference in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This year's topic is: Israel and the Apocalypse: Speakers include:
Doug Krieger
John Haller
Doug Woodward
Chad Schafer
Doug Hamp
Norm Franz
Chris Steinle
and more!

Doug Krieger shares an amazing comparison between Replacement Theology, Dispensationalism, and the Commonwealth of Israel. Doug analyzes the dynamics of "distinction" and "separation." While maintaining the One New Man and Israel at the end of the age.

John Haller will discuss the Restoration of Modern Israel, "The wise who will understand." And commentary along the lines of his viral Weekly Prophecy Update.

Doug Woodward will discuss "The Next Great War in the Middle East" which Doug believes to be the Gog Magog War. Doug explains his position and how his predictions compare to the Islamic Antichrist Theory, Psalms 83, Armageddon and the new "GAP" theory. Doug will also offer an explanation why most of the world is standing against Israel.

Chad Schafer and Doug Krieger look at "who is Israel?" and what God has been doing over the last 2,000 years with the House of Israel and House of Judah. Schafer and Krieger will examine often overlooked Old Testament prophecies and identify current events fulfilling Bible prophecies today.

Doug Hamp will speak on "Reclaiming the Rapture." Pastor Hamp will demonstrate that the Gathering is mentioned over 50 times in the Old Testament and that the identity of the rapture and the events around the rapture have been misappropriated by mainstream theologians.

Norm Franz will present a prophetic panorama covering the last 100 years, and moving forward, examining the transitioning of Global Orders leading up to the rule of Antichrist. This will be a powerful report by an expert in finance, politics, and world affairs which will of course focus on Israel.

Chris Steinle will discuss the Authority Question as it relates to Israel, God's government, and the law and lawlessness. Steinle will also examine the rapture process in multidimensional terms that will draw us closer to God and attempt to unfold the mystery of glorification.

Watch the full round-table video at YouTube: